Parenting during COVID

Parenting in a storm-batten down the hatches and keep the boat on course.

Here are a few resources from the themes we are hearing in terms of navigating being at home and having the dual roles of day care providers and educators. Take a moment to appreciate the people who normally do those things. You will probably find, like they do, it takes alot of energy and work. This is especially true if you are struggling for basic needs, going through unemployment, or experiencing trauma triggers. Many of our dual income households have held together through the extra supports that aren't currently in place. This occurred very suddenly and is alot to adjust to. Those feelings of anxiety and overwhelm are normal for a stressful situation and they will come like waves.   Many mental resources are currently being created, expanded, and made free to help provide some steady lighthouses to help you through this.  Please do make use of those supports. 

Parenting with and around sadness 

Parenting through fear and uncertainty

Parenting with and around anger

Mindshift CBT. Free app for managing anxiety.

Note: This site is a community-based volunteer mental health collaboration. All information on is for educational purposes only. For specific advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. 

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